The Second Genesis

Welcome to Lumberjack Mafia.  We are a band from Austin, TX.  This is the second incarnation of Lumberjack Mafia.

We started out as a recording project during the millennial decade.  This was all done by Chris Putaansuu, our singer, and David Nelms, our bass player.  Check out our Music link to listen to some of the old recordings.  These may or may not be indicitave of our future direction.  Our goal is to write music that expresses the 4 of us.  Whatever songs we do bring forward from the previous recordings will certainly change to show the personalities of the band members.

Lumberjack Mafia is not only a band of musicians.  We are friends.  David and Chris go back many moons to their college days in Fear of Reason.  Shaun has been in bands over the years with Chris and he and David have really hit it off personally, becoming friends and it already feels like they’ve known each other forever.  Zac and David have the same last name and know each other fairly well.

We hope that you enjoy listening to Lumberjack Mafia.  Please contact us for any questions, comments or suggestions.  Our goal for the immediate future is to get several songs together, get out there and play an open mic or two to see how the crowd reacts and to get any cobwebs out before getting a full set and getting out there to see all of you.  Let’s take this ride together!

Chris Putaansuu – Vocals
Shaun Galloway – Guitar, Backup Vocals
David Nelms – Bass, Backup Vocals
Zac Nelms – Drums, Backup Vocals


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